Living abroad

Living abroad

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Living abroad

Practicing for beginner students. Part XVIII.

Напоминаю, на экзаменах дают карточки с темами, которые выражаются либо одним словом, либо одной фразой. 

Если вы учились правильно, этого достаточно, чтобы сдать говорение и автоматически письмо. Всё, что вы можете сказать, вы можете и написать, и прочитать, и понять на слух. Но делать это нужно в освоенных грамматических временах, да, и в любой последовательности. 

Теперь относительно любой темы в рамках уровня BEGINNER движемся из прошлого через настоящее в будущее.


I didn’t have a chance to study abroad but after university I found a job in Poland. I worked for a famous German Internet provider «T-Online» and I stayed in Warsaw for 2 years. 

It was a very interesting period of time. Everyone spoke German at work and I studied Polish after work. I also went to a music school and studied drums. Communication with local teachers and musicians was in English first but then in Polish. We played in local night clubs every weekend.

In 2011 I got a job in Luxembourg and moved there. I lived between Luxembourg, Germany and Holland for 3 years. My company rented a flat and a car, so I could travel around Europe. It was always on business but I could choose my routes and I visited really a lot of beautiful places and made some wonderful friends.


Today I live in Moscow and I sometimes work for foreign companies, which have offices in Russia. Going to different countries as a tourist is not so interesting any more. I usually travel around Russia, if I have a holiday. Going abroad is always on business. 


I wouldn’t move abroad but I would always use a chance to study. Playing drums is my hobby and I’m going to book private lessons with professional drummers once or twice a year to improve my drumming. International projects would be also very interesting.

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